Lisa Ventura is an award-winning cyber security awareness consultant, writer, and speaker. She is the Founder of Cyber Security Unity, a global community organisation that is dedicated to bringing individuals and companies together who actively work in cyber security to help combat the growing cyber threat. Lisa is also a mindset and mental health coach and is the Founder of #AllTogetherNow which offers help and support to those affected by bullying and abuse in cyber security and Infosec.

Date: Thursday 30 November 2023
Time: 12.30pm
Virtual Talk: Registration Details To Follow

During this 40 minute talk followed by a 20 minute Q&A our Founder Lisa Ventura  will focus on:

– The importance of women in STEM
– What is neurodiversity and how has it impacted me?
– Why is it important to address intersectionality?
– How to be a good ally
– Her personal experiences

More details and how to register will follow.

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