About Cyber Security Unity

Cyber Security Unity (formerly the UK Cyber Security Association) is a new global community which has been set up to help unite the industry and combat the growing cyber threat. We are stronger together to beat cybercrime and online fraud.

CSU is content driven, and our work will be showcased through, blogs, articles, insights, benchmarking reports, events, webinars, interviews, videos, and podcasts. We will hold regular networking meetings and events where the cyber security industry can come together to talk about the latest threats, key trends and topics that every cyber security professional should know about.

As well as the workstreams mentioned below, we also offer:

– Support and help for those affected by abuse and bullying in the industry through our community entitled #AllTogetherNow.
– Support and help with stress, burnout, and mental health issues.

Cyber Security Unity will be funded through subscriptions and through Patreon and crowdfunding from the cyber security community.  It is truly by the community, for the community.

Cyber Security Awareness

Raising awareness of the growing cyber threat and the importance of organisations of all sizes taking it seriously.

Demystifying the Cyber Security Industry

Campaigning and raising awareness of cyber security for businesses and the general public in easy to understand jargon-free language. 

Skills, Training & Education in Cyber

Championing skills, training and education in cyber security.

Outreach, Diversity and Inclusion in Cyber Security

Supporting women into career in cyber security and supporting those from diverse backgrounds and those who are neurodiverse into careers in cyber security.

Our Approach

We Are Community First

We aim to unite the cyber security industry by bringing together all the different bodies and entities that work in it together, not just in the UK but also globally.

Cyber Security Unity will be funded through subscription fees and through Patreon and crowdfunding from the cyber security community. 

It is truly by the cyber security community, for the community.

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