In the past, relying on physical locks and security features was the norm. After all, there was no such thing as digital lock systems and CCTV was rather primitive. These days, things are completely different and there are a whole new set of security needs due to people working from home. This has left many office buildings empty, making them prime targets for burglaries and break-ins. As such, it’s important to combine both physical and digital security in order to secure your business.

Don’t rely too much on one or the other–make sure you have a mix

One of the biggest problems that people face when protecting their business is relying too much on one thing or the other. For instance, if you only have a digital lock protecting your doors then there are countless different ways for people to break in. They could hack into your security solutions and they could trick them into opening with pre-programmed ID cards, or even by abusing security safeguards and backdoors.

However, it’s also possible that you’re relying too much on physical solutions and not making room for digital options as well. A great example of this is having a traditional CCTV system that can only be monitored from within your business. Since many people are working from home, it’s important to have a remote system that allows you to view camera footage from anywhere. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your security systems will alert you whenever there’s a potential intruder and allows you to manually look at the camera feed to see if you need to call security or the police.

In short, make sure you have a mix of both physical and digital security solutions to help protect your business. This is extremely important given that most of us don’t spend much time in our offices these days. Despite that, we still need to keep certain devices switched on such as servers and network solutions, and this makes our offices a prime target for thieves.

Working with the right services to ensure complete protection

It’s also a good idea to work with an emergency locksmith and security services to protect your business physically and digitally. There are many different solutions for both physical and digital security, so it’s important that you mix them carefully to ensure that your business is protected regardless of the circumstances.

For example, you need to focus on how you’re going to protect your networking solutions from online cybercriminals. Since you need to keep your servers online to work from home, you may want to move your remote workflow away from your own office and instead use other cloud-based services that offer enhanced protection and security features. This makes it easier for you to manage personally and gives you peace of mind knowing that there are experts looking after your data and ensuring that your business can remain operational despite you and your team working from home.

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