If you are considering hiring from a private security firm, there is much to consider. Security firms provide both physical and cyber security measures that can assist you on a personal level, or indeed for corporate security needs. Hiring from a security firm is a highly serious affair; you need to be able to trust the individuals, and the company as a whole, with your most sensitive personal details – and sometimes even with your life.

As a first-timer when it comes to using a security firm, you may have many questions when it comes to finding the right one to trust. In this article you will find three attributes that every good security firm, either for cybersecurity or physical security, should have.

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First thing’s first: a security firm must be transparent about what they can and can’t provide. If you are outsourcing to a security firm, you must have your reasons – be it that you feel unsafe, you want to protect your company from hacking or fraud, or you are a person of high sensitivity when it comes to your profession. For this reason, it is crucial that any security firm you hire needs to be totally up-front about the services they provide, and how they can offer you the best protection.

Any smoke-and-mirrors, sales tactics that bend the truth or other red flags should be taken very seriously – it’s best to look elsewhere. Good security companies are always transparent with their clients.


Of course, when sensitive information is at stake, it is important that any security firm is highly experienced. If you are hiring physical protection, the crux of the matter is that not only the firm, but the individuals they hire, should be experienced in the type of security they are hired for. There are plenty of run-of-the-mill firms out there; as a potential client, you need to be particular about the level of experience you require. 

Similarly, any cybersecurity companies you outsource to should boast the latest software, being totally prepared for any attack that could befall you.


Finally, discretion is of the utmost importance when dealing with matters of personal or corporate security. After all, the reason you are looking to invest part of your budget in security is to keep things private that are of high sensitivity. 

Any slap-dash behaviour from a potential security firm should be seen as a red flag. 

Perfect Paperwork and Insurance

Any company would do well to have perfect paperwork and insurance in order, but for a security company this is even more crucial than usual. They are dealing with potential criminals every day, meaning that any breaches in their security will need to be documented to the letter and claimed through the proper channels. This protects both the security company and your business or personal affairs if there is an issue. Any security company worth their salt should be willing to produce proof of their relevant paperwork and insurance policy.

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