The world is rapidly changing before our eyes. Every year, new technological advancements are being announced as commercially available for the market’s use. Thanks to the ingenuity of forward-thinking people, we get to experience evolution right before us. Technology has helped us move forward exponentially compared to the previous century.

Starting from the industrial revolution and our use of steel and oil, mass manufacturing became readily available for different businesses around the world. From being primarily an agricultural species, we moved forward together with our new inventions. Because of the new inventions, new career paths were forged along the way. It gave a lot of people new opportunities to explore as a livelihood.

Such a trend has become similar through the years as we progressed through the industrial revolution. Even now in the digital age, more and more new jobs are getting created because of a newly created appropriate invention. For example, just a century ago, typists were not considered a career path. Nobody had any typewriters before.

A few decades just before World War II, however, typewritten letters became the primary mode of formal communication. Almost all governmental bodies had a pool of typewriters to type their letters. It also paved the way for the acceptance of women having jobs in the following decades. Merely a few decades ago, there were no jobs involving software programming. Now, however, software programmers are integral to have a fully functioning business even if the business is remotely related to computers.

The same trend will continue to be this way in the future. As more and more adaptable technology becomes integrated into our lives, more and more new jobs will pop up.

So, what are the new skill sets that will be sought after in the near future?

Software Engineer

Obviously, software engineers will still be in high demand in the near future. As more and more hardware is developed, the demand for software engineers will continue to be high. Software engineers are those who make full use of programming languages to develop and execute programs for general use. Much like those who are painting a picture or building a house, software engineers are those who create something purely out of their own skill and knowledge of computer programs. This art and skill can not be replicated yet by any kind of artificial intelligence program nor is it predicted that it will be in the near future so demand will always be high.

The most sought-after software engineers are those who are designing user interfaces and are back-end debuggers to ensure smooth system control by daily users of the website. Even the most common mobile applications have extensive hiring processes for program developers. Sometimes, they outsource React.JS app development because only a few have the skillset to execute a specific part of their program.

Work such as blockchain development, cloud management, and digital marketer are clumped up together as being future-proof. Even with the seemingly oversaturated job market for IT professionals, these jobs have been the most hirable for the past few years now.


Because of the pandemic, millions around the world had no choice but to look inwardly and reflect on their own health. Emphasis shifted on the valuable work health care professionals do for their community and for society in general. Even with the number of technological advancements coming in the medical field, the need for health care professionals is still predicted to be high in the future.

Improvements that seemingly trim down the amount of manpower the field needs turn out to be the one that gives birth to more related jobs. Indirect health care jobs such as hospital administrators and hospital technicians are the future.

Machine Learning Expertise

Artificial Intelligence is the end goal of the digital age. Automated responses, as well as natural absorption of knowledge by machines, is pretty much the peak of human creation. Machine learning allows artificial intelligence to learn from data presented and apply the same for improvement. Learning how to code machine learning and integrate it with hardware is a future-proof career one should consider.

Artificial intelligence development is a mixture of both software and hardware development. Basic engineer knowledge wouldn’t just cut it. A broad knowledge alongside an impeccable standard of machine ethics is essential if one wants to become a machine learning expert.

These are just some of the likely future-ready careers suited for the next few decades. As we improve on our daily lives, even newer career paths will eventually pop up. Having this awareness that the entire career race is ever-changing is reassuring.

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