Cyber Security Unity exists to unite the #CyberSecurity industry worldwide to help combat the growing cyber threat. Let’s beat cyber crime #StrongerTogether

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Cyber Security Unity is a global entity that exists to unite the cyber security industry worldwide to combat the growing cyber threat.

We also raise awareness of the importance of Cyber Security for small businesses and SMEs. In addition, we help organise events and help educate becoming more cyber aware, how to spot and avoid scams and what to do if you are the victim of online fraud.

We are content driven and our work is showcased through blogs, articles, insights, benchmarking reports, videos, podcasts and events.

We cover skills, training, and best practice when it comes to an organisation’s cyber posture, support women in cyber security, neurodiversity in cyber security and the cyber skills gap.

Cyber security awareness is high on our priority list, as is promoting the importance of cyber security and why businesses of ALL sizes should take it seriously.

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